Allen, Louis

Louis Allen, an independent logger and father of four children, witnessed Lee’s murder and contacted the Justice Department. Several months after Hurst’s trial, the deputy sheriff informed Allen he knew about his contact with the Justice Department and broke his jaw. Allen was also economically harassed and jailed twice on false charges. After his second […]

Amite – Documents

Westbrook Cotton Gin National Registry nomination form (photos removed from original)

Campbell, Will

Born in Amite County, Mississippi in 1924, Will Campbell became an ordained minister at age 17 before attending Louisiana College. After attending Louisiana College, Will served as a medic during World War II. Mr. Campbell held a multitude of professions over his career as a civil rights activist that resulted in an impressive resume. In […]

E.W. Steptoe

E.W. Steptoe, Amite County native and owner of a dairy and cotton farm, founded Amite County’s NAACP chapter in 1953 and recruited nearly 200 members in less than a year. Because of Steptoe and others who assisted him, the chapter was quite active until one night in 1954, after the Brown decision, when Sheriff E. […]

Lee, Herbert

Herbert Lee, a farmer and the father of nine children, was a charter member of Amite County’s NAACP branch and remained openly active even after Sheriff Caston’s 1954 raid.After Moses’s arrival in Amite, Lee volunteered to drive him around the area to contact potential voters.Lee also provided transportation to students in the nearby McComb Movement.According […]

McDew, Charles “Chuck”: Oral History

Charles “Chuck” McDew participated in the civil rights movement in many parts of the American South, including Mississippi. He was a pivotal movement activist in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). In this interview, he begins by discussing segregated seating laws in the South versus elsewhere. He then describes the Greensboro sit-ins. He concludes by […]

The Murder of Herbert Lee and Louis Allen

(1961-1964) August 15, 1961: Bob Moses (a SNCC worker) accompanied farmer Ernest Isaac, Bertha Lee Hughes, and Matilda Schoby to register at the Liberty courthouse. All three filled out a form but were refused the test. Upon leaving Liberty, their car was pulled over by Marshall Carwyle Bates of Liberty, who arrested Moses. August 28, […]