Bourne, William James

Candidate for Supervisor in Covington County following the Voter Registration Movement. Sources:

Community Center

The original site of many of the voter registration meetings was in the Sanctified Church (presently known as New Jerusalem) prior to being moved to the Community Center. The church also served as the first Head Start center in the county. The church burned down in 1964. A large community center was built on that […]

Head, Calvin

Calvin Head, son of Rosie Head, presently uses ten acres of McLaurin’s land for an organic farming project for young people. This project has received money from the Kellogg Foundation and generates money for school supplies and scholarships for the youth. The group also contracts with the Cisco Company in Jackson, selling them squash, cucumbers, […]

Higgins, Howard

Successful candidate for Constable in 1971-72. He was the first black deputy appointed by Sheriff Moore. The year that he ran the beats were redistricted. Sources:

Love, R.S.

Constable during the 1964 Voter Registration Movement in Covington County. Known for constantly harassing blacks by ticketing them and sending them to jail. Sources:

Moore, Calvin

Sheriff of Covington County during the Voter Registration Movement of 1964. Sources:

Voter Registration in Covington

(1963-1964) Griffin McLaurin was with the second group of people who attempted to go to the courthouse to register to vote in May of 1963. Included in this group was Ozell Mitchell, Norman Clark, Dan Wesley, Roberta Clark, Shadrach “Crook”Davis, and the Russells. Upon reaching the courthouse and informing those present of their intention to […]

Weathersby, Zella

Zella Weathersby, a native of Mount Olive, was the first black teacher at the previously all-white Collins Elementary School in 1968. Source: