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Public School Integration

In 1966, black children in first grade started to be transferred into white schools, at the approval of the Prentiss County Board of Education. Source: Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Files, Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Kroger Boycott

In the mid-1960s, a group of about 300 black people were brought to trial for protesting the segregation practices of stores in West Point. The boycott began with the local Kroger, which refused to hire black employees.  Source:

Negro Masonic Lodge

This all-back Masonic Lodge in Marks, MS, reportedly served as a headquarters for COFO (Council of Federated Organizations) civil rights agitators. Sources: Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, Mississippi Department of Archives & History

Thomas, John

John Thomas was a long-time civil rights advocate who was shot and killed in front of a grocery store in West Point, Mississippi, on August 14, 1970. His killer, a white man named Seth Stanley, was later acquitted by an all-white jury. Source: