Cayton, Horace R.

Horace R. Cayton (1859-1940): An African-American journalist and politician, Cayton was born on a Mississippi plantation in 1859 and graduated from Alcorn College (now Alcorn State University) in the early 1880s. He moved to Seattle, Washington, worked as a journalist, and eventually began the Seattle Republican in 1894. The Seattle Republican exposed corruption, racial injustice, and Southern lynching to a black and white audience. He also became involved in politics and was one of the first blacks to serve on the county and state delegations in Seattle. When blacks joined the local Republican Party in larger numbers in the early 1900s, white prejudice grew and Cayton lost both political power and his newspaper. His son, Horace R. Cayton, Jr., became a preeminent sociologist on the plight of urban African Americans. 


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