Citizen’s Club

In addition to the remarkable works of the freedom school, the Citizen’s Club was launched. Their main focus was to help better the lives of the blacks. In regard to reaching others in the community the Citizen’s Club began to publish a newspaper entitled, The Benton County Freedom Train. The Citizen’s Club reign lasted for years, but they stopped publishing the newsletter after four successful years.

From an excerpt on the Mississippi Freedom School Curriculum website, it captures the words of a student which was written in the Benton County Freedom Train. “We work eight to nine hours each day and are paid daily after work is over. We get only $3.00 per day . . . and . . . chop cotton 81/2 hours to 9 hours each day. . . . The man whom we worked for is responsible for having fresh cold water handy in the field for the workers to drink. The whites also fail to take us to the store in time to eat dinner. . . . When it’s harvest Negroes pick cotton by hand at $2.00 for a hundred pounds and some places $3.00 per hundred.”In the Mt. Zion Freedom School’s “Freedom Press,”a girl states she comes to the Freedom School because “I want to become a part of history also.”