Moore, Amzie

Moore was a postal worker as well as a businessman. Moore owned and operated a filling station on Highway 61 that was one of the few gas station blacks traveling from Memphis to Vicksburg could patron without being harassed.

In addition to his businesses, Moore also organized the NAACP in Cleveland in 1955 and served as its president. Moore also housed SNCC workers and other activists that would come through the area at his home. Moore’s home was also used to plan movement operations in the area.

Amzie Moore helped establish the neighborhoods in Cleveland that are known as Eastgate. Eastgate was formerly a huge tract of plantation land that now houses hundreds of black families and is home to East Side High School, Cleveland’s majority-black public high school. Moore also helped establish the Head Start Program in Bolivar County.

In 2001, Cleveland named what was once Shady Grove Park “Amzie Moore Park”in honor of the civil rights hero. A marble slab exists with Moore’s history on it. See also


Interview with Amzie Moore’s son on April 20, 2006.