Mound Bayou

Mound Bayou, Mississippi, was founded in 1887 by ex-slaves Isaiah Montgomery and Benjamin Green. Mound Bayou was one of the first all black settlements in the United States. Mound Bayou is important because it provided a place for blacks to live without fear of segregation or oppression. In Mound Bayou, blacks could be doctors, lawyers, or school superintendents. In the rest of the Delta, the only chance most blacks had for employment was manual labor, or other unskilled tasks. As such, Mound Bayou was called “the jewel of the Delta.”Medgar Evers moved to Mound Bayou and worked there after college selling insurance door-to-door. It was Evers’ experience of walking door-to-door and seeing the absolute poverty blacks were subjected to in the region that inspired Evers to do civil rights work.