Clarke – People/Persons

Yates, Gayle Graham

Yates was born and raised in Shubuta, Mississippi. She left for schooling and later returned to write a dynamic book about Shubuta. Yates has published several books listed below:

Life and Death in a Small Southern Town: Memories of Shubuta, Mississippi (2004)
Mississippi Mind: A Personal Cultural History of an American State (1990)
Harriet Martineau on Women (1985)
What Women Want (1976)


Road, Rapp

Rapp Road is a historically black community in Albany, New York. Most of the families who live there came from the town of Shubuta in Clarke County, MS. In the 1930’s and 1940’s many African-Americans left Clarke County for a better life to live in New York. Today the Rapp Road Community is part of the New York State historic district.


McCarty, Osceola

Osceola McCarty was a poor washerwoman from Shubuta, MS. She became one of the most famous women to have lived in Clarke County. Osceola saved money all of her life to give to The University of Southern Mississippi (USM). She had very little if any connection with the former all-white school, but she saw the importance in education. Her one wish after donating money was to see an African-American student graduate from USM. Because of her generosity Osceola McCarty received national attention and a meeting with President Clinton.


McKenzie, Rev. Advial

Rev. Advial McKenzie was a human rights activist. He is currently Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Quitman, Clarke County, Mississippi. Rev. McKenzie was speaker at the Neshoba Call for Justice in 2004. At the 43rd Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service and Conference and Caravan for Justice a Success, Rev. McKenzie was presented with the first Longdale Freedom Fighter Award.