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The Murder of Eddie James Stewart

(Date of Event: 1966) One of the cases reopened by the Cold Case Unit, an organization that investigates unsolved murders dating before 1969, involved the murder of Eddie James Stewart of Crystal Springs, 1966. Stewart was reportedly beaten and shot while in police custody. Police claimed he was shot while trying to escape. This case was reopened along with numerous reopened cases.


Fairly, Ken

Ken Fairly, from Hazlehurst, was a journalist and police officer who served in local, state, and federal positions.  He investigated Ku Klux Klan activity and was present as a police officer at the riot at the University of Mississippi in 1962.


Matthews, Burnita Shelton

Burnita Shelton Matthews, born near Hazlehurst in 1894, became the first woman to be appointed to the Federal District Court Bench. She fought for women’s rights, focusing her energy on educating women about their rights while also participating in the early 20th century movement for national women’s suffrage.


Carthan, Mamie Elizabeth

Mamie Elizabeth Carthan, mother of Emmett Till whose death spawned a landmark Civil Rights case, was born in Hazlehurst, Miss. Through the efforts of Ms. Carthan, the case of her son received national attention and put the spotlight on Southern racism for the world.