Grenada – People/Persons

Hartford, Bruce

Bruce Hartford was a member of SCLC who participated in the March Against Fear and worked in Grenada.


Wright, Major

Major Wright was a member of SCLC who worked in Grenada. On October 24, 1967, he was arrested after a protest march and was beaten while in custody.


Cottonreader, R.B.

R.B. Cottonreader was a member of SCLC who worked across the South, including in Grenada.


Knott, Winters

Winters Knott was a black civil rights worker in Grenada.  He was arrested on October 28, 1966, with a group of civil rights workers.


Freelon-Foster, Dianna

Mrs. Foster was 16 years old when the Meredith March came through Grenada. She was also one of the students who integrated the all-white high school in the city. Ms. Foster was elected as the first African-American and female mayor in the city of Grenada.


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