Attala County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.

Harris Family Murder

(1950) An ex-convict and moon-shiner named Leon Turner with the aid of two brothers, Malcolm and Wendell Whitt, stormed into the house of Thomas Harris one night in 1950. On that night, three young black children were killed– Frankie Thurman, […]

MFDP of Attala

In Attala County, the MFDP helped organize movie, restaurant, and other forms of sit-ins during the mid-60s. However, their main focus was voter registration, which helped provide the African American citizens of Attala County with a greater voice. Sources:

Meredith, James

James Meredith, a well-known Civil Rights activist in the mid-’60s, was born and raised in Kosciusko, the county seat of Attala. He grew up in an area where the practice of racial segregation was accepted and practiced with fierce enforcement. […]

Rinaldi, Matthew James

Matthew James Rinaldi’s personal account of happenings in Attala County 65′-66′: “I first went to Mississippi as a civil rights worker in the winter of ’65-’66 with a large group of students from Oberlin College. We were sent for one […]