Claiborne County Boycott

In 1966, a boycott of white merchants in Claiborne County, Miss., was launched at a meeting of a local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) attended by several hundred black persons. The purpose of […]

First Baptist MB Church of Port Gibson

Founded in 1867 by freedmen, First Baptist MB Church moved to this site in 1896. This church played a vital role in the Civil Rights Movement in Port Gibson. Beginning in 1965, the NAACP held meetings here to promote boycotts […]

Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant Controversy

Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant Controversy (2003-2005): In 1985, the “Grand Gulf” energy plant was established in Port Gibson in Claiborne County. By October of 2003, Entergy, an energy corporation based in New Orleans, submitted a request to expand Grand Gulf […]