Beating of Bessie Turner

(1960’s) Bessie Turner was arrested and beaten in jail. She was humiliated in jail by police who forced her to […]

Blackwell, Unita

Unita Blackwell was a field worker for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a prominent member of the Mississippi Freedom […]

Booker T. Washington School

Booker T. Washington School was a black school in the 1960s that taught first through fifth grade. Today it is […]

Coahoma County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.

Coahoma County Federated Council of Organizations (CCFCO)

Coahoma County Federated Council of Organizations (CCFCO) was an “organizing screen” in which people who could not risk NAACP involvement […]

Denzill Turner Murder

(1951) Denzill Turner was an epileptic black man who had a seizure at a local Greyhound bus station in Coahoma […]

Fourth Street Pharmacy

Aaron Henry’s pharmacy located on corner of Ashton and Fourth. The pharmacy burned down in 1993. Sources: Payne, Charles M. […]

Haven United Methodist Church

Aaron Henry’s church and site of the first Clarksdale NAACP. Haven served throughout the civil rights movement as a meeting […]

Hazelton, Margaret Jo

Margaret Jo Hazelton, a native of Detroit, was a Freedom Summer volunteer who worked in the community center in Clarksdale. […]

Henry, Aaron

Aaron Henry, one of the most influential figures in the civil rights movement, grew up in Clarksdale (742 Garfield). Henry […]

Louis Stapleton Murder

(1960) Louis Stapleton died in jail, most likely of a beating. The police claimed that he died of heat exhaustion. […]

Myrtle Hall School

Myrtle Hall School was a black school during the segregation era that taught first through eighth grade. Still standing today. […]

Pigee, Vera Mae

Vera Mae Pigee was an active member of the Coahoma Chapter of the NAACP.  She helped Aaron Henry found the […]

Zeman, Zoya

Zoya Zeman, a native of Virginia, was a Freedom Summer volunteer.  After training in Oxford, Ohio, she was assigned to […]

Zwerling, Matthew

Matthew Zwerling was a Jewish Freedom Summer volunteer from New York. He was friends with Andrew Goodman with whom he […]