Bellflower Baptist Church

Headquarters for the movement where many of the rallies were held. It is the third oldest black Baptist Church in Mississippi. Every night, mass meetings would occur here. They taught classes and showed films at the church. Lott said that […]

Chat and Chew Cafe

Federal voter registrars opened an office here to register black voters. Voter rallies were held outside of the cafe. During the first one, police attacked the crowd with tear gas and clubs. The building is still on Union Street, but […]

Cottonreader, R.B.

R.B. Cottonreader was a member of SCLC who worked across the South, including in Grenada. Source:


As part of the open city campaign, protest marches were conducted, ending at the town square. During the first march on July 9th, forty-three people were arrested in violation of a parade ordinance. The parade ordinance was declared unconstitutional by […]

Freelon-Foster, Dianna

Mrs. Foster was 16 years old when the Meredith March came through Grenada. She was also one of the students who integrated the all-white high school in the city. Ms. Foster was elected as the first African-American and female mayor […]

Grenada County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.

Grenada County Freedom Movement (GCFM)

The Grenada County Freedom Movement, founded in 1966 and affiliated with SCLC, was the primary civil rights organization which led the fight for desegregation and equality in Grenada, MS. Source:

Grenada County Schools

The first day of school was postponed multiple times by whites trying to delay the integration. Four hundred and fifty black students registered to attend white schools, but only 200 attempted to attend the first day because the others were […]

Grenada Public Schools Riot

Black children were admitted to Grenada Public Schools for the first time in 1966. The white townspeople rioted violently, gathering outside of the schools to prevent the students from entering and attacking the children who did manage to get inside […]

Hartford, Bruce

Bruce Hartford was a member of SCLC who participated in the March Against Fear and worked in Grenada. Source:

Highway 51

Meredith Mississippi March Against Fear came through Grenada via Highway 51 on June 15, 1966. A voter rally was held afterward in the town square. That night, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech. About 1,300 people were registered […]

Knott, Winters

Winters Knott was a black civil rights worker in Grenada.  He was arrested on October 28, 1966, with a group of civil rights workers. Source:

March Against Fear

The March Against Fear, begun by James Meredith and continued by Stokely Carmichael, Dr. Martin Luther King, and others, arrived in Grenada on June 15, 1966.  After Dr. King spoke to a group of 200 people, they all marched to […]

Movie Theatre

On June 23, a group of students was arrested after they attempted to buy tickets for the white section of the movie theater. These arrests led to the “open city campaign”during which civil rights workers and citizens tried to integrate […]

Wright, Major

Major Wright was a member of SCLC who worked in Grenada. On October 24, 1967, he was arrested after a protest march and was beaten while in custody. Source: