Blasts Rock Negro Church Home in Canton

(1965) “Explosions rocked a Negro church and a Negro home early Friday in this central Mississippi town which has been […]

Bowman, Sister Thea

Sister Thea Bowman (1937-1990) was born in Canton. She was a nationally and internationally known evangelist, teacher, gospel singer, writer, […]

CORE of Madison Co.

Canton organized office for Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in 1963. Sources: Brown-Wright, Flonzie. Looking Back to Move Ahead Germantown, […]

Canton Multicultural Center and Museum

The Canton Multicultural Center & Museum is a celebration of the diverse cultures and contributions of the citizens of Canton […]

Canton Ordered to Allow Negroes Use or Park

(1960s) “A federal judge Monday ordered officials at Canton, Miss. to permit Negroes the same use of a city park […]

Canton’s First Freedom Day

(Feb. 28, 1963) More than 350 African-American residents arrived at the Madison County Courthouse demanding their voting rights. Sources: Brown-Wright, […]

Carmichael, Dr. George

Dr. Carmichael was a native of Canton. He practiced medicine in Canton for 50 years. Upon graduating from Meharry Medical […]

Chinn, C.O.

Chinn was born September 18, 1919 in Madison County. He is said to be “the last of the great frontiersmen”for […]

Coney, Clarice Dillon

The wife of Eddie Coney, Clarice Coney is a retired educator. Mrs. Coney was a civil rights activist in Madison […]

Coney, Eddie E.

Coney was born January 8, 1923 in Magnolia, MS, and was a civil and human rights activist. After completing his […]

Desegregation of Canton City Park

(1960’s) “Civil Rights workers and local Negroes desegregated the city park here Tuesday without incident except for a few jeers […]

Devine, Annie

Annie Devine was one of Madison County’s leading women in civil rights. She and other civil rights leaders organized the […]

Fire Destroys Freedom School

(9/17/1964) “A Negro church used recently as a voter registration school was destroyed by fire early today. Authorities confirmed that […]

First Case Tried in Madison Co. Court

(June 1832) The rights of slaves in early Madison County were stringently limited by law. A slave named Pegg was […]

Freedom House of Madison

The Freedom House was used during the Civil Rights era to house Civil Rights workers who came to Madison County. […]

Freedom Summer and the Meredith March in Madison Co.

(6/23/1966) Freedom marchers tried to pitch tents to lodge women and children on the grounds of McNeal Elementary School during […]

Freedom Vote-Madison Co.

(1963) The Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) organized mock elections in 1963. The unofficial elections helped determine voting strength and […]

Holbert, Joe

Holbert was the first African American to deliver mail in rural Madison County. Holbert normally delivered mail twice a week […]

House of Sister Thea Bowman

This traditional shotgun bungalow was home of Sister Thea Bowman, well-known author, evangelist, teacher and lecturer. It was built around […]

Howcott Monument

This monument was created for slaves that went off to the Civil War with the Harvey Scouts from Madison. These […]

Lindsey, Solomon

Solomon was born on September 1, 1878 in Canton. He received vocational training at Tuskegee, Alabama, and Piney Woods Country […]

Lynchings of Madison County

(1886-1965) There were seven reported lynchings in Madison County, over the span of 1886-1965. This list was comprised from A […]

Madison County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.

Magee, Sylvester

Sylvester MageeĀ (May 29, 1841 – October 15, 1971), is believed to be the last surviving American slave. However, as there […]

Rimmer, U.S.

U.S. Rimmer was the first Black elected to a judgeship in Beat 5, Madison County. Sources: Brown-Wright, Flonzie. Looking Back […]

Rosa Scott School

This school was named after Rosa Allie Scott, who was an advocate for civil and human rights. She is buried […]

Scott, Rosa Allie Lee

Rosa Scott was born in 1874. She was one of very few African Americans who obtained higher education, attending Fisk […]

Slave Insurrection of Madison

(1835) Rumors of a slave insurrection led to the lynching of numerous slaves. “Investigations”revealed that the plan was to rob […]

The Klan of Madison Co.

During Reconstruction, President Andrew Johnson sent a militia of approximately 100 blacks with a white captain to Canton. While the […]

Voter Education Project in Madison

(1969) “Workshop Disruption in Madison Is Charged” “The Voter Education Project Thursday charged that a voter workshop in Canton, Miss. […]

Williams, Richard

Williams was born March 22, 1886, the grandson of a freed Virginia slave. He grew up on the Jim Smith […]