Davis, Alexander K.

Davis was a black male who served as Lieutenant Governor during Reconstruction. He was impeached as a result of Democrats […]

Noxubee County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.

Racial Division and Federated Technologies Inc.

In 1992, Noxubee County became the site of a possible toxic waste dump by Federated Technologies, Inc. Since Noxubee is […]

School Desegregation in Noxubee County

(1969-1970) Similar to numerous other schools, Noxubee County did not immediately integrate schools after the Brown v. Board decision. After […]

United States of America v. Ike Brown Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee

(2006-2007) In May 2006 in Macon, Mississippi, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was used for the first time to […]