Davis, Alexander K.

Davis was a black male who served as Lieutenant Governor during Reconstruction. He was impeached as a result of Democrats taking back the government. After he was impeached, he returned to Noxubee County where he opened a saloon that attracted […]

Noxubee County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.

Racial Division and Federated Technologies Inc.

In 1992, Noxubee County became the site of a possible toxic waste dump by Federated Technologies, Inc. Since Noxubee is predominantly black and has a high poverty and unemployment rate, many in the county believed that they were the victims […]

School Desegregation in Noxubee County

(1969-1970) Similar to numerous other schools, Noxubee County did not immediately integrate schools after the Brown v. Board decision. After the Aug. 1968 case of Adams v. Matthews, Noxubee County was order by the federal courts to implement integration. The […]

United States of America v. Ike Brown Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee

(2006-2007) In May 2006 in Macon, Mississippi, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was used for the first time to allege discrimination against whites. Ike Brown, head of the Democratic Party in Noxubee County, was convicted of trying to defeat […]