Conner, Douglas

Douglas Conner was a doctor and activist in Oktibbeha County. Conner was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Forrest County), in 1920. Following graduation from Howard University Medical School in 1950, Conner took a position with the Oktibbeha County Hospital in 1951 and worked there until 1989. While working in Starkville in Oktibbeha County, Conner was a […]

Gutman, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Gutman was a lawyer and activist during the Civil Rights Movement. Gutman was born in Brooklyn, New York. Gutman earned a law degree from New York University in 1949. During the Freedom Summer of 1964, Gutman traveled across Mississippi, including areas of Oktibbeha County, to legally defend civil rights workers and take depositions for […]

Hutchinson, Flavou

Flavous Hutchinson was a law professor and writer on the civil rights movement. Hutchinson was born in 1923 in Tupelo, Mississippi. After earning a master’s in education and a law degree from the University of Mississippi, Hutchinson was admitted to the Mississippi bar in 1950. Hutchinson taught in Saltillo, Walnut, and at the New Harmony […]

Marszalek, John and Jeanne

John F. Marszalek graduated from Canisius College and the University of Notre Dame. A member of the Mississippi State University faculty from 1973 to 2002, he was a prolific writer on the Civil Rights Movement, authoring the Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights: From Emancipation to the Present with Charles Lowery. He also published work on […]

Oktibbeha County Race Relations Team

The Oktibbeha County Race Relations Team was created in 1993 as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Quality Community Initiative. The group consisted of 15 to 20 black and white citizens of Oktibbeha County and coordinated dialogue projects and community events. During the trial of William Jerome Manning, a young black man convicted of killing […]