Barnett, Ross

Ross Barnett, who was the governor of Mississippi from 1960 to 1964 and vehemently opposed the integration of the University of Mississippi, taught school for two years in the early nineteen twenties in Pontotoc County. He taught math and coached […]

Chochran, Thad

Thad Cochran was born in Pontotoc. He was the first Republican to be elected in Mississippi since Reconstruction. Sources: Pontotoc County, Mississippi Genealogy and History. November 2, 2006. www.rootsweb.com/~mspontot/churches/churchlist Pontotoc Progress, May 27, 1954 Pontotoc Progress, December 30, 1976 Tupelo […]

Pontotoc County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.

School Desegregation in Pontotoc County

(1969) In Pontotoc County during the mid-1950s there were nineteen “white”schools and five “colored”schools. Barney Luther, who was the superintendent of education at the time, predicted that it would be twenty-five years or longer before segregation ended in Mississippi, if […]

Toxish Baptist Church

Toxish Baptist Church is located on the Natchez Trace about ten miles southeast of Pontotoc and was organized in 1837. The original spelling of Tockshish later became Tocshish, and today the church is known as Toxish. The interior of the […]