Concord Baptist Church

The Concord Baptist Church in Forest, MS was reported by the Sovereignty Commission as being a hub of NAACP activity in the area. In 1963 the church was divided between those who followed Reverend J.F. Moore and those who followed […]

Cross Burning

On May 5, 1965, two crosses were burnt on the property of Forest Industries Company and at the home of the manager of the company. The Forest Industries Company had hired two black men in place of two white men […]

Johnston, Earl

Earl Johnston lived most of his life in Forest, MS, and became the editor of the Scott County Times newspaper, leaving his job at the Clarion Ledger. He became involved in politics and eventually became Ross Barnett’s campaign manager for […]

Negro Masonic Lodge

This all-black Masonic Lodge in Forest, MS, was accused by the Sovereignty Commission of being a hub of NAACP activity. Historically, the Freemasons at large did not recognize black Masonic Lodges. Sources: Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, Mississippi Department of Archives & […]

Scott County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.