Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church outside Blue Mountain was burned on October 30, 1964, a few hours after a rally and voter registration drive for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party’s “Freedom Vote”at which delegate Fannie Lou Hamer spoke. Civil rights […]

Foster, Hazel

Hazel Foster ran a beauty shop and the Foster Funeral Home in Ripley and was a member of the NAACP. She applied for notary public status but was denied on the grounds that “she is far above average in inteligence […]

Freedom Vote

(1964) Tippah County participated in the November 1964 “Freedom Vote”when state democratic party leaders refused to consider the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party’s inclusion in the regular election. Approximately seventy-five Tippah residents worked on the campaign. Sources: Associated Press. “Another Negro […]

Gibbs, Phillip Lafayette

Phillip Lafayette Gibbs, born in Ripley, Tippah County, MS in 1948, was killed by police during a riot at Jackson State University, where he was studying law, in May 1970. The riot occurred after several days of protests by Jackson […]

Tippah County Data Dashboard

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