Delta Ministry in Washington Co.

The Delta Ministry was a Greenville-based group that provided emergency assistance, counseling, advocacy and other services for the poor blacks […]

Freedom City

About twelve miles south of Greenville in Swiftwater, Mississippi, is where “Freedom City”was set up. This area consisted of twenty-one […]

Greenville Air Force Base Takeover

(1/1/1966) This was a project sponsored by the National Council of Churches of Mississippi. NCC started a takeover of the […]

Johnson, Sarah H.

Johnson was a civil rights activist and was elected as the first black member of Greenville City Council in 1973. […]

Strike City

A group of forty-nine African-American men, women, and children decided to go on strike after they demanded a raise of […]

The Delta Democrat-Times and the Carters

The Delta Democrat-Times, in Greenville, Miss., under the leadership of Hodding Carter II, and later his son, Hodding Carter III, […]

Thompson, Dr. William Bert

Dr. William Bert Thompson was interviewed regarding his career of teaching and administration in Mississippi public schools. For twenty years […]

Washington County Data Dashboard

Demographic data that helps add context to many historical events.