Scott County

In the late ‘50’s and ‘60’s, it was reported by the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission that there was very little civil rights activity in Scott County. The sheriff at the time estimated the population was 50% black, and that few to none of the black citizens were involved with NAACP activities. Several hubs of “subversive” Civil Rights activities were identified in the Concord Baptist Church and the Negro Masonic Lodge, both located in the county seat, Forest, MS. One citizen, Eugene Elmore Sargent, was targeted by the Sovereignty Commission as being involved with civil rights activities in Jackson, MS. Scott County, MS today, according to the 2012 census, is 38.1% black, .7% Native American, .4% Asian, 1.2% mixed race, and 59.2% white. 10.6% of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino.

Census Quickfacts
Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, Mississippi Department of Archives & History