Wilson, Clarence

In August of 1960, the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission placed Clarence Wilson on their list of potential agitators. He was a teenager during the 1960s and was involved in Freedom Summer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in 1964. 

Doug Smith and Clarence Wilson singing 1964 

Caption from the Univeristy of Southern Mississippi Archives: From the Randall (Herbert) Freedom Summer Photographs; Local African-American teenager Doug Smith, Assistant Director and Youth Coordinator of the Hattiesburg project (left), Clarence Wilson (center), and another local African- American teenager sing during Freedom Summer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1964. This photo was probably taken after a performance of Martin Duberman’s play “In White America” by the Free Southern Theater performers. (Source: http://digilib.usm.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/manu/id/5978/rec/1


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“Doug Smith and Clarence Wilson Singing; 1964,” Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive, Special Collections, McCain Library and Archives, University of Southern Mississippi, http://digilib.usm.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/manu/id/5978/rec/1