Beating of Bessie Turner

(1960’s) Bessie Turner was arrested and beaten in jail. She was humiliated in jail by police who forced her to strip and then beat her over her buttocks and genitals. Turner claimed that her arrest arose out of her attempt […]

Black Monday

Judge Thomas Brady’s pamphlet, Black Monday, outlined the White Citizen’s Council’s goals, including the abolition of public schools, nullification of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and establishment of a separate black state. The publication of […]

Blackwell v Issaquena County Board of Education (1966)

(Date of Event: 1965-1966) On January 29, 1965, roughly thirty students at Henry Weathers High School (an all black public school in Issaquena County) began wearing SNCC paraphernalia to school. When the students were reprimanded by school administrators, an outpouring […]

Blasts Rock Negro Church Home in Canton

(1965) “Explosions rocked a Negro church and a Negro home early Friday in this central Mississippi town which has been the target of increased civil rights activity in recent months. There were no injuries. Windows were shattered in both Pleasant […]

Bus Sit-In of 1961

At Lamar and Capitol Streets on April 20, 1961, three Jackson State students, George Washington, Doris Bracey, and Walter Jones, and a Campbell College student, Johnny Barbour, Jr. boarded a city bus and sat in the white-only section. When they […]