Denzill Turner Murder

(1951) Denzill Turner was an epileptic black man who had a seizure at a local Greyhound bus station in Coahoma County. White men claimed that he was drunk and touching white women during his seizure, which they did not understand. […]

Desegregation in Carroll

(1965) Until 1965, Carroll County maintained separate schools for white students and African-American students. In Carrollton, the white students attended J.Z. George High School, and the African-American students attended Marshall High School. Similarly, in Vaiden, the white students attended Vaiden […]

Desegregation in Marshall County

(1960s) Wazir Peacock was a SNCC field secretary in Mississippi and Alabama who attended Rust College. He describes the desegregation movement and its origins in Holly Springs: “I went to Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi. I was in college […]

Desegregation in Panola

(1960-1971) Desegregation began in the late 1960s in Panola County. The initial approach for desegregation was “freedom of choice”. The idea was that parents would choose to send their children to either school, and the intended reaction of continued segregation […]

Desegregation in Tunica County

(1960s) Before desegregation, black children attended plantation schools. The plantation schools were usually one room schools, and they only ran for six months of the year. These types of schools continued all the way until the 1960s. The teachers were […]

Desegregation of Canton City Park

(1960’s) “Civil Rights workers and local Negroes desegregated the city park here Tuesday without incident except for a few jeers from whites. A Federal judge had directed city officials not to arrest or otherwise interfere with Negroes using the park […]