LECTURE: Dr. John Hope Franklin, 2007 Civil Rights Education Summit keynote address

Date of Event: June 27, 2007 Location: University of Mississippi Dr. John Hope Franklin served as chairman for the advisory board of Bill Clinton’s One America: The President’s Initiative on Race in 1998. He is the James B. Duke Professor […]

LECTURE: Dr. John Hope Franklin, President Clinton’s Initiative on Race

Date of Event: March 11, 1998 Location: University of Mississippi Dr. John Hope Franklin served as chairman for the advisory board of Bill Clinton’s One America: The President’s Initiative on Race in 1998. He is the James B. Duke Professor […]

LECTURE: Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, Will D. Campbell Lecture on Faith and Social Justice

Date of Event: November 27, 2006 Location: University of Mississippi Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke’s School of Divinity, was the inaugural speaker for the Will D. Campbell Lecture Series on Faith and Social […]

LECTURE: Open Doors: Forty Years of Opportunity

Date of Event: October 01, 2002 Location: University of Mississippi Open Doors recognized the 40th anniversary of Dr. James Meredith entering the University of Mississippi. Dr. Meredith’s admittance marked the end of segregation for the University of Mississippi. According to […]

LECTURE: Rev. James Lawson, The International Conference on Race keynote address

Date of Event: October 31, 2003 Location: University of Mississippi Rev. James Lawson was an important activist in the early days of the Civil Rights movement and was a leader in teaching and practicing nonviolence. He studied nonviolence in India […]

LECTURE: Rita Bender, “The Legacy of Slavery” and awards to C.C. Bryant & the Philadelphia Coalition

Date of Event: October 25, 2005 Location: University of Mississippi Rita Bender is currently a lawyer in Seattle, Washington. She has been an active participant in civil rights and justice advocacy since the early 1960’s. She served as a civil […]

Leflore County Massacre

After the success of the all-white Southern Farmers’ Alliance, a group that organized white farmers and farm workers in numbers that grew to about 80,000 by 1890 in Mississippi, the Colored Farmers’ Alliance formed to create an organization for black […]

Lillie Willis and Sidney Alexander v. Joe Carson et al.

(1966) In February 1966, Lillie Willis and Sidney Alexander, natives of Sharkey County, filed suit alleging discrimination based on race and gender in the selection of jury members. Specifically, they called into question the explicit exclusion of women from juries […]

Little Selma March

On May 29, 1965, in imitation of Martin Luther King Jr.’s march from Selma, Alabama, to Montgomery, Alabama, a group of 300 civil rights activists marched along Route 471 in Brandon, MS. The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) organized the […]

Louis Stapleton Murder

(1960) Louis Stapleton died in jail, most likely of a beating. The police claimed that he died of heat exhaustion. The matter was never resolved. Sources: Henry, Aaron, and Curry Constance. Aaron Henry: the Fire Ever Burning. Jackson: University P […]

Lynch Street Shooting

On May 14, 1970, a protest among Jackson State students erupted on Lynch Street. Just ten days before, four students protesting the Vietnam War were killed in Ohio at Kent State by National Guardsmen. Partially in response to the deaths […]

Lynching of Aaron Harris

Aaron Harris was lynched on June 12, 1883, for murdering an undisclosed person. Sources:

Lynching of Charlie Lang and Ernest Green

In October 1942, Charlie Lang and Ernest Green, two fourteen year old boys, were lynched in Shubuta. The Bitter River, a now-famous Langston Hughes poem, is written in reference to the lynching of Charlie and Ernest: The Bitter River (Dedicated […]

Lynching of L.Q. Ivy

(1925) On September 18, 1925, just over the county line in the sleepy Union County community of Rocky Ford, a seventeen year-old timber cutter named L.Q. Ivy was kidnapped by a mob and, two days later, burned alive on the […]

Lynching of Mack Charles Parker

Mack Charles Parker was a native of Poplarville, Mississippi. On February 23, 1959, Parker was jailed for the rape of June Walters, a white woman who was two months pregnant at the time of the attack. Two days after his […]

Lynchings of Madison County

(1886-1965) There were seven reported lynchings in Madison County, over the span of 1886-1965. This list was comprised from A Partial List of Mississippi Lynchings compiled by the Tuskegee Institute. The list appears in Susan Orr- Klopfer’s Where Rebels Roost. […]