Laurel Colored Schools

There were four schools for the black children in Laurel known as the Laurel Colored Schools: Kingston/Nora Davis, Sandy Gavin, Southside Elementary and Oak Park High School. The children and teachers would walk to school along the two-mile long sidewalk […]

Laurel Leader-Call

The first weekly newspaper in Laurel, the Laurel Chronicle, was founded by Wallace Rogers in 1897. Beginning in 1897, the paper published a column, “Progressive Colored Citizens,”serving as the first white-owned newspaper in the state to positively highlight the contributions […]

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Founded in 1963 at the request of President John F. Kennedy and often called the “President’s Committee,”the Lawyers’ Committee was a group of volunteer attorneys from across the country who came to the state to represent persons who could not […]

Liberty House Cooperative

Originally located in the 600 block of North Farish Street, provided purchasing and marketing for 16 handcraft co-ops. In its peak year, 1969, Liberty House grossed $1.25 million. While the Liberty House store in Jackson closed in 1972, three stores […]