MFDP of Attala

In Attala County, the MFDP helped organize movie, restaurant, and other forms of sit-ins during the mid-60s. However, their main focus was voter registration, which helped provide the African American citizens of Attala County with a greater voice. Sources:

MFDP of Issaquena

The MFDP grew out of protest against the lack of diversity among the party elite of the Mississippi Democratic Party. Several Issaquena County leaders, including Unita Blackwell, Henry Sias, and Minnie Ripley, were active in the MFDP. Sources: “Council of […]

Medgar Evers Neighborhood Guild Community Center

In a structure developed by R.L.T. Smith, the Medgar Evers Neighborhood Guild Community Center was established by Ted Seaver, a white social worker from New England, who came to Jackson as a civil rights activist in the summers of 1964 […]

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

Trust land was designated for use by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians in 1939, and their Constitution and By-Laws were passed in 1945.The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and their affiliates now contribute directly and indirectly nearly $4.9 million […]

Mississippi Free Press

The Mississippi Free Press, a four-page social and civil rights weekly newspaper, was written by Medgar Evers and John Salter, among others, and later edited by Henry J. Kirksey in Hinds County. The Free Press was printed in Holmes County […]

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party of Holmes

Inspired by Ella Baker and Bob Moses, Holmes County sought to develop an organization owned by local people that could seek long-term, sustained change. The creation of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party by COFO in Jackson provided such an organization. […]

Mississippi Industrial College

Opened in 1905, the college now lies in disrepair. Many of the civil rights leaders attended this school. The school’s objectives were to provide literary and industrial training to black youth, to train young men and women in Christian ideals, […]

Mississippi Valley State University

Mississippi Valley State University is one of three state public historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) in the State of Mississippi. The state legislature passed laws to establish MVSU – then called “Mississippi Vocational College”- in 1946. The goal of […]