COFO Office

This small commercial building once occupied by state Senator Henry J. Kirksy was the Mississippi headquarters for the 1964 Freedom Summer Project coordinated by the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO). COFO provided statewide organizational support and engaged in direct action in local communities. A small staff coordinated freedom schools, mass meetings, voter registration, and housing for the 1000-plus summer volunteers. COFO also coordinated the challenge to the all-white Mississippi delegation to the national Democratic Party’s August 1964 convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. COFO volunteers met with constant harassment from the Jackson police, who would ticket them, arrest them, and take them to jail. Activities continued here until spring of 1965.


“Civil Rights Driving Tour of Hinds County”produced by the Associated Press, Tougaloo College, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, and the Mississippi Development Authority (Tourism Division).