East 1960 Boycott

The Easter 1960 boycott of the downtown businesses on Capitol Street was the beginning of the most active phase of the Jackson civil rights movement. The boycott was led by the NAACP and by the Campbell College dean of religion, Charles A. Jones, and student body president, Alfred Cook, with supporters from Jackson State University, Tougaloo College, and the African American community. The goal was to achieve equality in hiring and promotion, to abolish segregated drinking fountains, restrooms, and seating, and to promote the use of courtesy titles and service on a first-come first-served basis. Additional boycotts were staged in December 1962 and Easter 1963.

Businesses targeted by the boycott included Kent’s Dollar Store, H.L. Green’s, Wilson Discount Store, and J.C. Penney’s. Also, Primo’s Steakhouse was owned by a Citizens’ Council official and was the site of several sit-ins.


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