Lanier High School

On May 30, 1963, students at Lanier High School participated in a walk out protesting Woolworth’s treatment of some students from Tougaloo. School officials called police who showed up with dogs to break up their congregation of freedom singing on the lawn. Both parents and students were clubbed at the scene. The following morning, students from Lanier, Jim Hill, and Brinkley High Schools, all of which were black high schools, gathered at the Farish Street Baptist Church for non-violent protest training. Later, they marched south on Farish Street, until the police intervened, arresting them and taking them to jail at the fairgrounds. In response, former Lanier High School principal I.S. Sanders organized the Citizens Committee for Human Rights in Jackson. His home on Rose Street became a haven for many civil rights leaders visiting the city, such as Mrs. Coretta Scott King and Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.


“Civil Rights Driving Tour of Hinds County”produced by the Associated Press, Tougaloo College, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, and the Mississippi Development Authority (Tourism Division).