Carver High School

The “Colored School”was opened in 1890. In 1904, Scranton and Pascagoula merged into the city of Pascagoula, and the two-roomed “Colored School”was opened. The school was located between Skip and Tucker Streets.

The home was moved from its original location to make room for the new Pascagoula Negro Carver High School, which would become Carver High School. Although students only went through the eighth grade in the school’s earlier days, by 1941 the school graduated its first class of seniors—Dorothy Hyde, Armetha Thompson, Alberta Williams, Emma Harvey, and James Carter. These five were considered the first official graduating class because they had been PNHS students from start to finish.

During school integration, Carver High School merged with Pascagoula High School and was called the Pascagoula Annex. Forty-two black seniors attended Pascagoula High School in the fall of the 1970-1971 school year.

The Carver High School building is now known as the Opportunity Center, and is located at 1716 Tucker Avenue.


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