LECTURE: Rita Bender, “The Legacy of Slavery” and awards to C.C. Bryant & the Philadelphia Coalition

Date of Event: October 25, 2005

Location: University of Mississippi Rita Bender is currently a lawyer in Seattle, Washington.

She has been an active participant in civil rights and justice advocacy since the early 1960’s. She served as a civil rights field worker for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in Meridian, MS, and therafter worked with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party prior to attending law school at Rutgers University. Mrs. Bender was a visiting faculty member at the University of Mississippi for the 2009-2010 academic year in order to teach a course on restorative justice, and she has presented papers and lectured at numerous universities over the years on restorative justice as well. “The Legacy of Slavery” was presented at the University of Mississippi on 10/25/05.

The full text of the lecture can be found here.

After the lecture, there is a screening of a short documentary on C.C. Bryant by his granddaughter, Judith Barlow, and the presentation of awards to C.C. Bryant and to the Philadelphia Coalition.

Mrs. Bender’s lecture: 

Mrs. Bender’s lecture can also be viewed here.