Tupelo Daily Journal

The Tupelo Daily Journal was, in the words of business leader Jack Reed, “the voice of racial moderation since George McLean assumed ownership in 1934.”The Daily Journal “stood toe-to-toe against racists voices throughout the thirties and the forties.”McLean was known in the community as being a supporter of “cause of the black man.”He made himself available to the black leaders so they could express their grievances. The Daily Journal stood on the forefront of racial relations and opposed various efforts of segregationists, including the State Legislature’s funding of the Citizens’ Councils and other similar groups. The Daily Journal also ran a front page editorial opposing the Legislature’s option to abolish public education, as well as opposing candidates who ran on racist platforms.


Tupelo: The Evolution of a Community by: Vaughn L. Grisham © 1999 Kettrig Foundation pgs. 146-155.