Desegregation of Canton City Park

(1960’s) “Civil Rights workers and local Negroes desegregated the city park here Tuesday without incident except for a few jeers from whites. A Federal judge had directed city officials not to arrest or otherwise interfere with Negroes using the park earlier this week. Negroes claimed a group of whites trued to run over them with a pickup truck June 17 when they came to the park. They returned after filing the suit, but 11 were arrested for trespassing.

U.S. District Judge Harold Cox granted a temporary injunction requested by the group ruling that otherwise they would suffer “immediate and irreparable injuries by being prevented from engaging in activities protected by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.”

A spokeswoman said the Negroes found the ballpark in use and the swimming pool closed Tuesday, but they played ball in an open field next to the ballpark and then sat in the stands to watch the whites play ball.”


“Negroes See Ball Game of Canton Whites.” Jackson Daily News.