Lynchings of Madison County

(1886-1965) There were seven reported lynchings in Madison County, over the span of 1886-1965.

This list was comprised from A Partial List of Mississippi Lynchings compiled by the Tuskegee Institute. The list appears in Susan Orr- Klopfer’s Where Rebels Roost.

Name, Town, Date, Alleged Crime
Ben Chambers, Madison, May 7, 1886, Attempted Rape
Spencer Costello, Flora, Jan. 7, 1895, Murder & Robbery
Red Bilbro, Madison, Jan. 29, 1921, Murderous Assault
Claude Brooks, Canton, July 29, 1938, Assault
Joe Rogers, Canton, May 8, 1939,
Sylvester Maxwell, Canton, Jan, 17, 1963,
Allen W. Shelby, Flora, Jan. 22, 1965,


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