Voter Education Project in Madison

(1969) “Workshop Disruption in Madison Is Charged”

“The Voter Education Project Thursday charged that a voter workshop in Canton, Miss. was disrupted by a Madison County, Miss. deputy sheriff.

The Atlanta-based organization, which said the incidence occurred Wednesday, called on the U.S. Justice Department to launch an investigation and “put an immediate end to voting rights violations.”

A statement issued by the VEP charged that a deputy sheriff confiscated a voting machine which was being demonstrated to newly-registered black voters. It said the voter education workshop was being conducted by VEP field representatives using audio-visual techniques and that the session was coordinated by a local black elected official Mrs. Flonzie Goodloe, a member of the local election commission.

The statement said that Mrs. Goodloe had received approval and permission from the election board on Sept. 24 to use the election machine in the workshop and that a notice of the public meeting was printed in a local newspaper.

Madison County has been the scene of continued harassment, intimidation, and disruption as local whites and even public officials have sought to deny the vote to black citizens, charged VEP Executive Director John Lewis.

Madison County officials were not immediately available for comment on the charge.”


Unknown Atlanta paper, 1965.