Rush, Georgia and her son Rush Jr., John Thomas

Georgia Rush and her family were members of Mt. Zion United Methodist church. Mrs. Rush and her son, J.T., attended the church finance meeting on Tuesday evening, June 16, 1964. As Mrs. Rush and her son were leaving, armed Klansmen swarmed toward them wanting to know where the white men were. When J.T. explained that there had not been any whites at the church, the Klansmen were infuriated. “Shut up,”one said. “Drive that damn truck into the ditch.”Rush did as he was told. The Klansmen then jerked the door open and hauled him from the cab, beating him in the face. Another man began cursing Mrs. Rush, and she was beaten about her head with a pistol as she cringed in the cab of the truck. Finally, Mrs. Rush and her son were allowed to leave. The next morning word spread that Mt. Zion Church had been burned to the ground. In 1964, Mrs. Georgia Rush and her son testified before a grand jury in connection with the murders. They affirmed that they had been beaten by whites while leaving Mt. Zion Methodist church several nights before the three workers disappeared. John Thomas Rush, Jr., died August 28, 1966, and Georgia Rush died February 6, 1999. Both are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

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