Nichols, Ajatha: Oral History

Ajatha Nichols grew up in a family of four in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Throughout her education she experienced integration, the murders of the civil rights workers, and the gaining of voting rights for black Americans then expresses her feelings toward the events. Ajatha explains how she got involved in the civil rights movement through her mother. She explains how her mother made her take part in the integration of a white school her senior year. Although she says she did not witness any violence Nichols divulges that the experience was still hard and different. She also talks about a program she participated in that gave her new perspective on race relations. Ajatha Nichols then talks about Philadelphia’s present racial situation, highlighting the shortcomings of the education system. She also speaks on she and her husbands dealings with white co-workers. Nichols says that it is important to be able to adjust to changes while still being true to yourself.

Ajatha Nichols’ oral history, part one:

Neshoba County – Interview with Ajatha Nichols 01 from Winter Institute on Vimeo.

Part one of her oral history can also be viewed here.