Tisdale, Eva M.: Oral History

Eva M. Tisdale is a native of Clarke County. She moved to Philadelphia in 1965 to work in the COFO office. She graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in social work. She is a social worker with the Leake County Dept. of Human Services in Carthage, Mississippi. She continues to be active in civil right work and is a life-long member of the NAACP.┬áDuring her interview, Tisdale tells of her family’s move to Philadelphia. Throughout her interview, Tisdale discusses subjects such as the Voters Rights Act, Freedom Schools, Rev. J. C. Killingsworth, and other influential people, places, and events of the civil rights movement in Neshoba County.

Eva Tisdale’s oral history, part one:

Neshoba County – Interview with Eva Tisdale 01 from Winter Institute on Vimeo.

Part one of her oral history can also be viewed here.


Neshoba County: African-American Heritage Driving Tour of Philadelphia Mississippi.http://www.neshobajustice.com/documents/RootsofStruggle.pdf