Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church is located off Highway 16 East on County Road 747. On June 16, 1964, a routine meeting of church officers was held. As the officers were leaving the church, Klansmen met them outside and ordered them out of the vehicles where they proceeded to beat J.R. (Bud) Cole, Georgia Rush, and her son, John Thomas. The church was burned later that evening, leaving only the forty-year-old bell that was used to announce the beginning of church services. On June 21, the three civil rights workers came to Philadelphia to secure affidavits about the raid, the beatings, and the burning of the church. The church was rebuilt and rededicated in February 1966 with a plaque near the front to pay tribute to the three slain civil rights workers, Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner. In 1989, a historical marker was placed at the church to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the murders. The listeners of WKXI radio in Jackson, Mississippi, donated this marker. Another monument has also been placed in front of the church in memory of the three slain workers.

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