Conner, Douglas

Douglas Conner was a doctor and activist in Oktibbeha County. Conner was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Forrest County), in 1920. Following graduation from Howard University Medical School in 1950, Conner took a position with the Oktibbeha County Hospital in 1951 and worked there until 1989. While working in Starkville in Oktibbeha County, Conner was a leader in the local chapter of the NAACP and the Oktibbeha County Democratic Party. Conner also served on the Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Committee for a period.

During the 1960s, Conner led several marches and boycotts as part of the larger Civil Rights Movement and was jailed numerous times as a result. Conner also ran unsuccessfully for alderman, state senator, and state representative. He co-authored his autobiography, A Black Physician’s Story: Bringing Hope in Mississippi, with Professor John Marszalek.


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