Campbell Jr., Milton

Inverness is the birthplace of the blues artist, Milton Campbell, Jr., also known as “Little Milton.” Born in Inverness in 1934, he grew up in Greenville. His song, “We’re Gonna Make It”was produced in 1965 and was inspired by the […]

Campbell, Janie Magee: Oral History

Born in Summit, MS, near McComb, JANIE MAGEE CAMPBELL became a part of history when she and about 300 other students at Burglund Senior High School in McComb, MS, walked out in protest of what they saw as an injustice […]

Campbell, Will

Born in Amite County, Mississippi in 1924, Will Campbell became an ordained minister at age 17 before attending Louisiana College. After attending Louisiana College, Will served as a medic during World War II. Mr. Campbell held a multitude of professions […]

Carmichael, Dr. George

Dr. Carmichael was a native of Canton. He practiced medicine in Canton for 50 years. Upon graduating from Meharry Medical School in Nashville, Carmichael returned to Canton to practice in 1934. If he had to hospitalize his patients, he had […]

Carthan, Mamie Elizabeth

Mamie Elizabeth Carthan, mother of Emmett Till whose death spawned a landmark Civil Rights case, was born in Hazlehurst, Miss. Through the efforts of Ms. Carthan, the case of her son received national attention and put the spotlight on Southern […]

Cayton, Horace R.

Horace R. Cayton (1859-1940): An African-American journalist and politician, Cayton was born on a Mississippi plantation in 1859 and graduated from Alcorn College (now Alcorn State University) in the early 1880s. He moved to Seattle, Washington, worked as a journalist, and […]

Cemetery, Elmwood

Mr. Aaron Henry, the long-time NAACP president (1921-1997) is buried here along with his wife, Mrs. Noelle Michael Henry. His civil rights activities spanned an amazing four decades, and began in the 1950s. He was first elected to serve as […]

Chaney, James

James Chaney (1943-1964) was an activist during the Civil Rights Movement, fighting for voting rights for African Americans. He joined the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in 1963 and was part of a campaign for voter registration and desegregation known […]

Chesser, Dorothy Scott: Oral History

Raised in Amite County, Dorothy Scott Chesser talks about her life growing up and the difficulties inherent in being non-white in the South during the Civil Rights Era. Additionally, Mrs. Chesser tells how, inspired by the Freedom Workers, her work […]

Chinn, C.O.

Chinn was born September 18, 1919 in Madison County. He is said to be “the last of the great frontiersmen”for his work and dedication to civil rights. Chinn is thought of as the “father”of the civil rights in Madison County. […]

Chochran, Thad

Thad Cochran was born in Pontotoc. He was the first Republican to be elected in Mississippi since Reconstruction. Sources: Pontotoc County, Mississippi Genealogy and History. November 2, 2006. Pontotoc Progress, May 27, 1954 Pontotoc Progress, December 30, 1976 Tupelo […]

Clark, Gloria Xifaras

Gloria Xifaras Clark was a prominent advocate for civil rights in Benton, as well as Marshall, Tippah, and Union counties. She now resides in New Bedford, Massachussetts, but has vivid memories of the civil rights movement. In the early 1960s, […]

Cobb, Charles

Charles Cobb was a political activist in Springfield, Massachusetts, through his church, St. John’s United Church of Christ. His reputation for community organization led him to the Mississippi Delta in the 1960s when he worked on behalf of SNCC, the […]

Cole, David

David Cole was the Superintendent of Panola County. His leadership helped reduce racial conflicts. As superintendent, Cole wanted to push the community “into accepting the new policy of attending school together.” Sources: Wirt, Frederick M. “Politics and Southern Equality.”Chicago: Aldine […]

Cole, J.R. (Bud)

Mr. Cole was one of several Mt. Zion United Methodist Church members who was beaten by the Klansmen on the night of June 16, 1964, the same night the church was burned. Mr. Cole suffered permanent nerve damage to his […]

Cole, James (Jim)

Jim Cole was Sunday school teacher and steward at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church and the brother of the J.R. (Bud) Cole. He was at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church for the church meeting, but he was not beaten the […]

Coleman, Chief Kenneth

Mr. Coleman was born in Neshoba County and attended Booker T. Washington Elementary. He is a graduate of Philadelphia High School. In 1977, after college, he became a firefighter for the City of Philadelphia. He has served as the Fire […]

Collier, Reverend Clinton

Reverend Clinton Collier, a dynamic Methodist Minister from the Laurel Hill Community, was deeply involved in the civil rights movement in Neshoba County. He taught social studies at Carver School near Philadelphia. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he […]

Coney, Clarice Dillon

The wife of Eddie Coney, Clarice Coney is a retired educator. Mrs. Coney was a civil rights activist in Madison County where she assisted in voter education and registration. She was a member of CORE, COFO, and the NAACP. Sources: […]

Coney, Eddie E.

Coney was born January 8, 1923 in Magnolia, MS, and was a civil and human rights activist. After completing his education at Alcorn State University, he and his wife Clarece Dillon Coney managed the Flora Parish State 4-H Club Camp […]

Conner, Douglas

Douglas Conner was a doctor and activist in Oktibbeha County. Conner was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Forrest County), in 1920. Following graduation from Howard University Medical School in 1950, Conner took a position with the Oktibbeha County Hospital in 1951 […]

Connor, Peggy Jean

Connor was the owner of Jean’s Beauty Shop at 510 Mobile Street. She served as state Executive Secretary of the MFDP (Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party) and Treasurer of the Freedom Summer project in Hattiesburg. Sources: Tusa, Bobs. The University of […]

Corstarphen, Lillie: Oral History

Lillie Corstarphen grew up in the rural area of Pike County on a farm with her family. She grew up with five brothers, five sisters, and her parents. Despite farming the land for someone else and living below the poverty […]

Cottonreader, R.B.

R.B. Cottonreader was a member of SCLC who worked across the South, including in Grenada. Source:

Cowan, J. Geoffrey

J. Geoffrey Cowan was a Yale law student who came to Panola as a COFO Volunteer. Sources: Wirt, Frederick M. “Politics and Southern Equality.”Chicago: Aldine Publishing (1970). Wirt, Frederick M. “We Ain’t What We Was.”Durham: Duke University Press (1997).

Cox, Nettie Ann: Oral History

Nettie Ann Cox was raised in Neshoba County, Mississippi, by a single mother. Cox vividly remembers the events of the Freedom Summer of 1964, from the efforts of the COFO workers to the burning of Mt. Zion Church and the […]

Cromwell, Oliver

Oliver Cromwell was a primary organizer and leader of the Colored Farmers’ Alliance in Leflore County, MS. The Colored Farmers’ Alliance formed to create an organization for black farmers and farm workers who weren’t allowed membership in the whites-only Southern […]