Dahmer, Ellie

Dahmer was born in Jasper County, Mississippi in 1925. Dahmer attended Jasper County Training School, and after completing high school, […]

Dahmer, Vernon

Vernon Dahmer, Sr., (1908-1966) was a businessman and civil rights activist in the Hattiesburg area. He owned several businesses, including […]

Darley, Dede L. Jackson

Darley was the first black teacher to teach in West Point High School after desegregation in 1969. She taught in […]

Davidov, Marv: Oral History

Marv Davidov participated in the Freedom Rides in 1961. He describes the conditions at Parchman State Penitentiary. The video was […]

Davis, Alexander K.

Davis was a black male who served as Lieutenant Governor during Reconstruction. He was impeached as a result of Democrats […]

Davis, Ernest

Davis was the first black policeman to serve in West Point. Davis was also the first school bus driver for […]

Davis, John Harry

John Harry Davis: Davis is from Ackerman, Mississippi, and attended Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi. He participated in boycotts […]

Davis, Walker Milan

W.M. Davis was an educator born in Okolona, Mississippi, in 1908. After graduating from Alcorn State and earning a master’s […]

Dearman, Stanley: Oral History

Stanley Dearman was born in raised in Lauderdale County Mississippi. He joined the navy after community college then returned to […]

Decell, Hal

Hal Decell was the editor, publisher, and co-owner of the “Deer Creek Pilot”, Sharkey County’s newspaper of widest circulation, for […]

Dedmon, Daryl

Daryl Dedmon was convicted for the murder of James Craig Anderson. On June 26, 2011 seven young white men from […]

Devine, Annie

Annie Devine was one of Madison County’s leading women in civil rights. She and other civil rights leaders organized the […]

Dilworth, Annie Mae Trice

She taught at Burnsville, MS, at the Iuka Colored School and taught the first black graduating class in Tishomingo County.

Dixon, Ernestine

She was born October 21, 1957, in Glendora, MS, and received an AA in Business Administration from Coahoma Community College. […]

Dr. D.M. Forster

D.M. Forster was one of the first African American doctors to practice medicine in Union County. He came to the […]

Dulaney Jr., John

A local attorney, Mr. Dulaney was the first President and one of the founders of the local White Citizens Council. […]

Dunagin, Charles: Oral History

Charles Dunagin was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His father served in WW II, and his mother was a nurse who […]