George, James Zacharian (J.Z.)

One of Carroll County’s most prominent citizens was James Zacharian (J.Z.) George. George fought both in the Mexican War and […]

Gibbs, Phillip Lafayette

Phillip Lafayette Gibbs, born in Ripley, Tippah County, MS in 1948, was killed by police during a riot at Jackson […]

Goodine, Reverend Larry

Rev. Larry Goodine is the pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Booneville, MS in Prentiss County. He is a […]

Goodman, Andrew

Andrew Goodman (1943-1964) was a participant in the Freedom Summer movement of 1964.  He originally got his start in the […]

Gordon, Albert: Oral History

Born in Belgium, Albert Gordon moved to the United States at age seven. At twenty-seven years old, he participated in […]

Gort Jr., Solomon

SOLOMON GORT, JR., (1936-1989), was born in Bolivar County, Mississippi. He had a distinguished career of service, which took him […]

Grand, J.V.

Local Civil Right Leader. Sources: Sovereignty Commission Online:

Grant, Joseph

According to the 1959 State Sovereignty Commission Report, Joseph Grant was a local plumber, who “attempted to organize the NAACP […]

Gray, Duncan

Duncan Gray used his position as Episcopal priest to champion civil rights causes. Duncan Gray was the priest in Cleveland […]

Gray, Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson Gray was a Hattiesburg native that helped lead the MFDP’s challenge to Mississippi’s all white delegation to the […]

Grayson, Robert L.: Oral History

ROBERT L. GRAYSON, of Tutwiler, was born on May 10, 1941. He became the first African American mayor of Tutwiler […]

Gunn, Howard E.

Gunn was a black resident of Chickasaw County who created controversy upon attempting to register to vote in the summer […]

Gutman, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Gutman was a lawyer and activist during the Civil Rights Movement. Gutman was born in Brooklyn, New York. Gutman […]

Guyot, Lawrence

Lawrence Guyot was a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a key civil rights organizer on the Mississippi Gulf […]