Kennard, Clyde

Clyde Kennard (1927-1963) was a pioneer of attempting to desegregate Mississippi’s higher education system. He was an army veteran and had attended University of Chicago, with significant work completed towards a political science degree, when he moved back home to […]

King, Annie Mae

Annie Mae King helped African-Americans register to vote, and during Freedom Summer she housed white volunteers. As a result of her efforts she was fired from her job as a cook, and her home was bombed. Annie May King also […]

Kirkland, Earnest

Earnest Kirkland was born May 10, 1934. Mr. Kirkland was one of the last people to see the three civil rights workers alive. After their deaths, he continued participating in the civil rights movement. He, along with Fred Black, Burline […]

Knott, Winters

Winters Knott was a black civil rights worker in Grenada.  He was arrested on October 28, 1966, with a group of civil rights workers. Source:

Kochtitzky, Robert

Robert B. Kochtitzky, a religious worker and civil rights sympathizer, had his house bombed on November 18, 1967. No one inside was injured. Sources: “Civil Rights Driving Tour of Hinds County”produced by the Associated Press, Tougaloo College, the Mississippi Department […]

Kotz, David: Oral History

David Kotz was a volunteer working for COFO (Council of Federated Organizations) during the summer of 1964. After twelve hours of being in Mississippi, Kotz and five other volunteers were left in charge of the COFO office in Meridian, while […]