Kennard, Clyde

Clyde Kennard (1927-1963) was a pioneer of attempting to desegregate Mississippi’s higher education system. He was an army veteran and […]

King, Annie Mae

Annie Mae King helped African-Americans register to vote, and during Freedom Summer she housed white volunteers. As a result of […]

Kirkland, Earnest

Earnest Kirkland was born May 10, 1934. Mr. Kirkland was one of the last people to see the three civil […]

Knott, Winters

Winters Knott was a black civil rights worker in Grenada.  He was arrested on October 28, 1966, with a group […]

Kochtitzky, Robert

Robert B. Kochtitzky, a religious worker and civil rights sympathizer, had his house bombed on November 18, 1967. No one […]

Kotz, David: Oral History

David Kotz was a volunteer working for COFO (Council of Federated Organizations) during the summer of 1964. After twelve hours […]