Lafayette, Bernard: Oral History

Bernard Lafayette participated in the Freedom Rides in 1961.

Lee, Herbert

Herbert Lee, a farmer and the father of nine children, was a charter member of Amite County’s NAACP branch. He […]

Lee, Rev. George and Courts, Gus

“Pray not for your mom and pop, they’ve gone to heaven. Pray you can make it through this hell.” -Rev. […]

Lee, Reverend Clay F.: Oral History

Laurel, MS native Reverend Clay F. Lee discusses his introduction and rise into religion and clergymen of Mississippi. Upon the […]

Lewis, John: Oral History

United States Representative John Lewis participated in the Freedom Rides in 1961. He speaks about the importance of nonviolence and […]

Lightfoot, Horace L.

Horace Lightfoot lived from 1927 to 1976. He was a tradesman, businessman, and public servant. He was a native of […]

Lindsey, Solomon

Solomon was born on September 1, 1878 in Canton. He received vocational training at Tuskegee, Alabama, and Piney Woods Country […]

Little, Jerome G.: Oral History

JEROME G. LITTLE was born in 1952 in Sumner, Mississippi. After serving in the Marine Corps from 1974 to 1977, […]

Logan, A.M.E.

Mrs. Logan housed and fed many civil rights workers and was a founding member of Woman Power Unlimited. As the […]

Love, R.S.

Constable during the 1964 Voter Registration Movement in Covington County. Known for constantly harassing blacks by ticketing them and sending […]