Palmer, Hazel

Mrs. Hazel Palmer, and elementary school maid, was an activist for the Freedom Democratic Party. In 1965, she and her […]

Peacock, Willie B. Wazir

Willie B. Wazir Peacock was born in Charleston, Talahatchie County, MS. Wazir attended Rust College in 1960. While at Rust […]

Pearson, Betty: Oral History

Betty Pearson discusses growing up in Clarksdale, MS. She describes the impact her family had on her attitude towards race […]

Perkins, Dr. John

John M. Perkins was born in 1930 on a cotton plantation outside of New Hebron, Miss. Orphaned by his mother’s […]

Person, Charles: Oral History

Charles Person participated in the Freedom Rides in 1961. He speaks about how the Freedom Riders tested the various facilities […]

Phelps, Marcena A.

Marcena A. Phelps participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi from 1960-1967. She was a member of the NAACP […]

Pigee, Vera Mae

Vera Mae Pigee was an active member of the Coahoma Chapter of the NAACP.  She helped Aaron Henry found the […]

Prather, William Roy

William Roy Prather (c. 1944-1959): Fifteen-year-old African-American William Roy Prather was killed in Corinth in what whites called a “Halloween […]

Price, Leontyne

Leontyne Price was the first successful black female opera singer and was born in Laurel, Mississippi, on February 10, 1927. […]

Pride, Charlie Frank

Pride was born in Sledge, Quitman County, MS, in 1938. Charlie Pride was the first African American to be a […]