Quin, Alyene

Mrs. Alyene Quin, or Mama Quin, as she was affectionately called by SNCC workers, owned a small business establishment on Summit Street which became a center of civil rights activity in the McComb Movement. Threats against her home business came in response to her strong leadership in the Movement.

Mrs. Quin’s home was bombed on Sunday night, September 20, 1964. The dynamite, which exploded outside the front window, destroyed the entire front of the house and narrowly missed killing her two children. (Society Hill Baptist church was also bombed that night.) In an outrageous turn, local authorities accused Mrs. Quin of bombing her own home.

Mrs. Quin’s cafe, South of the Border, was at 500 Summit Street. There she hosted Movement people and local black leaders who supported them, serving them meals and allowing them to meet. Later, when threatened by the cafe’s white landlord, she began serving meals out of her home.

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