Rembert, Emily: Oral History

Emily Rembert is a native of McComb, Mississippi, and was young during the civil rights movement. Her mother worked at a nursing home, and her father worked on the railroad and had a printing office in his home, where Rembert was an assistant. Her childhood was wonderful at home; however, outside of her home, she was met with the present racism. She graduated from the McComb Public School System in 1968. During high school, she enjoyed music, art, and literature. She was educated at the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) School, where she received a very good education from skilled teachers. Her favorite part was analyzing literature. After she graduated from high school, her father was very adament about Rembert leaving McComb so she could have better opportunities. She worked at a library in Chicago and served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. After many careers, she received her degree from Belhaven College, now Belhaven University, in Business. She now works in the newspaper industry.

Emily Rembert’s oral history, part one:

Pike County – Emily Rembert 01 from Winter Institute on Vimeo.

Part one of Emily Rembert’s oral history can also be found here.


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